Cremation Services

Cremation Services

A complete offering of cremation services at our Plymouth location gives family and friends the ability to say goodbye when traditional burial is not chosen.

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Cremation is most often done in conjunction with other funeral services. When is comes to the personal choice of cremation, some elect to have their remains buried in a cemetery while others choose to be scattered in a special place in nature that carries special significance to the departed. Still others are kept in the home of a family member or loved one


Cremation Paired with Funeral Services and Burial

When cremation is chosen, families most often elect to have funeral services held so that family and friends can come together and say goodbye to their loved one. A visitation (viewing) and/or funeral service can take place prior to cremation just as it would when planning a traditional burial funeral. The funeral ceremony can take place at our Plymouth funeral home, or at the family’s place of worship.

Burial of the cremated remains, if desired, must take place at a later date, after the cremation process is completed. This committal service may be public or private depending on family preferences.

Cremation with a Memorial Service and Burial

This choice includes cremation taking place prior to the service. After cremation has occurred, friends and family can gather at a visitation and memorial service designed specifically for their needs. Then a reception, a scattering of ashes or an interment ceremony at a cemetery can be held. Regardless, your Schrader-Howell funeral director will coordinate the necessary details for the family of the deceased.

Committal Service for Cremation

Committal at a cremation is a ceremony that takes place before or after cremation. Committal offers a chance to say goodbye and to acknowledge the end of life through music, readings, displays of the body (whether open casket or not), and other ceremonies. Unlike funerals, though, there will often be no corpse present during committal services; only remembrance for those who have gone on before us.

There can be another celebration, such as a wake with family and friends—or not. This last option is becoming more popular as individuals opt for less formal celebrations instead of the more formal ones that were formerly the standard.

A cremation commitment service is a ceremony that allows the deceased's ashes to be placed in an urn and later buried in a cemetery. The ceremony can be held wherever the family desires, but it is appropriate if it includes prayers or other rituals that are meaningful to them. Remember, this is your moment to honor the life of a loved one. And you'll have their cremated remains with you after that. Even if you decide not to have this ceremony now, they will most likely end up in an urn somewhere later because cremation always produces some type of ash. Make the final goodbye a little less sad with a Committal Service for Cremation from Schrader-Howell Funeral Home. With our caring and professional staff, you are rest assured that your loved one's final send-off will be a dignified and memorable event. Let us help you today!

Immediate Cremation Only

Immediate cremation includes no ceremonies or rites. It may take place only after obtaining a signed death certificate from the attending physician along with a signed authorization from the next of kin, or authorized agent of the deceased. In the State of Michigan and authorization is also required by the medical examiner. We will take care of the required paperwork and handle all of the arrangements with the appropriate agencies, including coordinating veteran benefits.

Options for Cremated Remains

Different people choose to do different things with the cremated remains of a deceased family member or friend. Options include burial in a family plot, scattering of the ashes, placement in an urn to be kept at home, or placed in a columbarium niche (a place designated for the inurnment of the ashes of the dead) or other location. Schrader-Howell funeral directors can assist families in exploring the best option for them, and will coordinate the details.

Options for Cremated Remains for Veterans

Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Michigan offers ground burial, as well as niches in a wall, as final resting places for our nation's veterans, their spouses and sometimes their children. Great Lakes is a place of beauty and honor for those that have served our country. This is all done as a benefit at no charge to the veteran.

Should families choose to keep some or all of the ashes as a keepsake, there are many options of urns and receptacles to choose from. Our selection room allows families to get together and explore ways to personalize cremation services and choose appropriate receptacles for their loved one. Keepsakes for remains and memorial jewelry (like Thumbies) are also available in many options.

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