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Our History

Life Honored, Life Remembered


Schrader-Howell Funeral Home is family owned and operated, celebrating over 114 years of dedicated service to our community.




Through the years we have gained the reputation for honest, ethical and sympathetic service to those in need. Serving Plymouth, Canton, and surrounding areas, the people of our communities have found comfort in the depth of our concern at one of life's most difficult times. Schrader Funeral Home was founded in Plymouth, in 1904, by Fred D. Schrader and his brother Nelson C. Schrader. The brothers bought the Bassett and Millspaugh Funeral Home and began operating as Schrader Brothers. In the beginning, a furniture store was part of the business. In 1907, Nelson Schrader moved to Northville, and operated a funeral home and furniture store, still under the name of Schrader Brothers.


With the sale of the furniture business in 1933, the partnership dissolved, and this firm began operating under the name Schrader Funeral Home. After World War II, Edwin A. "Bud" Schrader, Fred's son, took over. Bud Schrader retired in 1972, when his son, Edwin A. "Win" Schrader, the third generation of Schraders joined the firm. In 1991, Win Schrader partnered with Patrick E. Lynch and Michael V. Howell.


The funeral home then became Schrader-Howell Funeral Home, with Michael V. Howell as Managing Director. Jeffrey Bell joined as a licensed Funeral Director in 1998; Julie Howell Romein joined in 2002; George Young joined in 2005; Patrick Kenrick joined in 2013; and Brittany Martinez joined in 2019. Win Schrader is now retired, but is still seen at Schrader-Howell in Plymouth. Patrick E. Lynch is Managing Director of Lynch & Sons Funeral Home, Clawson, Michigan.